Frost Heave Protection

Warmcoil offers a range of frost heave protection services for commercial and retail freezers. The substrata of freezer floors can withstand cold temperatures for a period of time; however, the ground temperature will eventually drop below freezing. At that point, if water is present in the substrate, frost heaving of the freezer floor will occur. Heating cables, when run in conduit in the substrate, provide frost heave protection by maintaining the ground temperature above freezing.


Our experience

Warmcoil has amassed in excess of 5,000 installations and has been involved in such diverse projects as:

  • Commercial freezer heating for La Trobe University Medical Research Centre, Aldi, Cosco, Coles, Woolworths Bundoora, McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, KFC as well as Ingham's Chickens, George Westons Foodgroup and FR/Don Smallgoods.
  • Heating of roofs, gutters, poles, paths, steps and road ways to maintain ice free conditions at Mount Buller.
  • Pipe trace heating for CSL.


Why frost heave will work for you.

Small or large frost heave protection applications can be easily designed for retail and commercial purposes, Establishing the proper design procurement and installation of materials for a project will ensure a successful heat tracing system installation