In Slab Heating

Warmcoil offer a comprehensive range of in slab heating services for homes, businesses and industrial applications. In slab heating is a highly popular, low cost solution to heating polished or coloured concrete floors in new homes and extensions. Our electric heating systems are installed after the reinforcing mesh has been added and prior to the concrete being poured. Unlike other heating methods which provide rapid response heating, in slab heating is designed to provide gentle background warmth. Effective installation and correct operation and control will ensure maximum cost-effectiveness. In slab heating can be installed in selected rooms, all of which allow individual control. 


Our experience

Warmcoil has amassed in excess of 5,000 installations and has been involved in diverse in slab projects as:

  • In slab heating for private homes, child care centres, The Royal Children's Hospital and dog kennels for Guide Dogs Australia.


Why in slab heating will work for you.

Popular heating solution for under tile carpet and timber floors, Gentle background warmth, Cost effective, Can be installed in the whole house or selected rooms, Zoned individual control of each rooms heating