Under Carpet Heating

Warmcoil offer a comprehensive range of under carpet heating services for homes, business and industrial applications. Our under carpet heaters use heating mats strategically placed wherever required. Positioned between the carpet and underlay, the heating mats are available in a range of shapes and sizes designed to fit most rooms. We can also install heat pads to be fitted under rugs and mats.


Our experience

Warmcoil has amassed in excess of 5,000 installations and has been involved in diverse in slab projects as:

  • Under carpet heating for private homes, churches, public buildings such as Bendigo Court House, St Francis Church Melbourne and Salvation Army Chapel Melbourne.


Why under carpet heating will work for you.

No maintenance or annual checks, Efficient zoning and programmable thermostat, Regulate temperature to save energy and money, No damp condensation draughts or dust making it an excellent option for allergy and asthma sufferers, Our heating elements and controls are approved and certified to Australian and international standards - including those relating to carpets and carpet manufacture